Your Customers Are Mobile. Are You?

Well over 50% (and growing!) of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. It’s more important than ever to design with smartphones and tablets in mind, so every website designed today must be fully responsive.

What does responsive mean? It means a website that behaves as well on mobile screens as it does on a desktop. It means a mobile site that fits on smartphone and tablet screens without awkward side scrolling. It means better user experiences, lower bounce rates, more conversions and an increase in brand perception.

A few of our clients, across a range of industries, needed to launch or update their websites before the new year. Our ecommerce client lifestyle brand Open by Mary launched their first website this year and the Westport Regional Business League needed a website as hip and trendy as the entertainment and shopping district it represents.

And two of our restaurant clients, Red Door Grill and Summit Grill, needed to update their websites in time for new restaurant openings. Even under a time crunch, we had their sites up and running well before their kitchens were.

Talk about being responsive.