Your Customers Are Mobile. Are You?

Well over 50% (and growing!) of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. It’s more important than ever to design with smartphones and tablets in mind, so every website designed today must be fully responsive.

What does responsive mean? It means a website that behaves as well on mobile screens as it does on a desktop. It means a mobile site that fits on smartphone and tablet screens without awkward side scrolling. It means better user experiences, lower bounce rates, more conversions and an increase in brand perception.

Building a Marketing Plan

It’s that time again, when many of us make personal resolutions to get in better shape, read more books or take up yoga. For business owners, it’s a great time to make a resolution to build or refine a marketing plan that grows your businesses. 

A marketing plan is a key component to making your business grow. Whether you’re the marketing director for a multi-national corporation or an owner/operator of a local business, the fundamentals are the same: identify your priorities, target your audience and strategize your plan.

The Power of Design

Think design is not important to your business? Think again. Design may be the only thing separating you from success. Or failure. In a world where, increasingly, all things are similar, it may be the last great differentiator.

Design, like it or not, is all around us. It’s in everything we touch, everything we come in contact with. Whether the design is by the forces of nature or by human intervention. And it’s either design we love or design we hate.